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Our next adventure...

Your company at our special day is already present enough! However, in lieu of traditional wedding presents & in keeping with our love of all things far flung, we would be super grateful for any contributions towards our honeymoon. From diving the deepest seas, to hiking epic heights, we’ll raise a glass to your generosity and spam you with photos after the event.

Our current sights are set on the tropical islands of Fiji and here are a few examples of the sort of things we would like to do.  Feel free to pick one, a couple, or a part of any!


Fancy dinner - £80

A night on the town - £40

Cocktail - £10

Dive trip - £100

Beachside massage (for Lottie!) - £25

Island hopping - £60

Tacky fridge magnet - £2.50

Guided island hike - £35

General contribution - £ as you wish


Our PayPal address is longfordkerr @; please get in touch if you prefer a direct bank transfer.

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